Christian Writers: Apply for LifeWay’s Writer Development Conference

BCLFC YOU Writer Development Conference 2016If you’re a lover of God’s Word and want to know what it takes to write curriculum for LifeWay, check out this opportunity. Back in 2014, I completed the first ever YOU Writer Development Conference. Then, in 2015, I was invited back as a faculty member for the Black Church Leadership and Family Conference (BCLFC). Since then, I’ve been contracted to write three feature articles and four units of Bible study for LifeWay’s YOU curriculum. What a wonderful experience! I absolutely love what I do.

Click here to learn more about the YOU curriculum. Serious inquiries may be directed to the LifeWay contact shown above. Don’t delay; apply now.

Paved With Perseverance

Paved with PerseveranceThree years ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing screenwriter Cheryl L. West. Having worked with some of the biggest companies in the business, she has an impressive résumé. Raised by a single mom and also having been a single mother, Cheryl has worked on projects at HBO, Disney, Sony, and several other well-known corporations. Her success didn’t come easily.

Cheryl’s career started out as a nebulous dream. Financed with credit cards and kick-started with the help of friends, her career eventually became satisfying. When I asked Cheryl how she would encourage those who had just begun to whet their writing appetites, she offered the following advice.


  1. Accept writing as a business of ups and downs. Then, get a safety circle—a group of friends who love you even if you’re not published or produced. You’ll need them to tell you, “Keep moving; keep going.” Work at your craft constantly. Let people know you’re willing and able to work. You never know when your blessing will come to pass.
  2. Don’t give up. Know that you have something unique to share. No one else has your DNA or your life experience.
  3. Sometimes, we must start our careers with self-promotion and self-publishing.
  4. Send thank you notes; they’re invaluable.

Applying these tips to her own career, Cheryl’s dreams became reality. As a result, her confidence increased, credibility soared, and her bank account expanded. Although work-related successes may not come quickly, perseverance like Cheryl’s paves the way to a vibrant finish.

What tips or words of encouragement would you offer to a single mother who’s starting a new career?