Time for Self-Examination: Are You Camera-Ready?

Self-examination: Are you camera ready?Yesterday, during a women’s ministry event, we participants were instructed to gather into groups based upon our birth months, and then, determine some things we had in common. The leadership team also encouraged us to take group selfies and share them on social media. Most of us went a step beyond and began taking selfies with smaller subsets of women in our groups. We really embraced the idea of getting to know each other.

What a great ice breaker…except I experienced a hitch as I gathered two other women to snap a selfie. I kept repositioning my smart phone but couldn’t fit myself into the picture. Actually, after a couple of seconds, I realized none of us were in the picture. The background I captured was strange, to boot. Obviously, I take selfies so infrequently that I hadn’t remembered to switch to the “selfie camera” mode. The women in my group chuckled and gave me a hard time. It was all in love and fun.

Like me, have you gotten candid photos of unsuspecting bystanders instead of taking the selfie you really intended? Many of us have. Sometimes, we even act like a camera facing in the wrong direction; instead of examining ourselves, we zoom in on others’ faults. Before long, we concoct strange or distorted pictures of those in our midst.

For example, some women berate their friends’ parenting styles, but refuse to acknowledge and correct their own children’s faults. Others complain about a spouse’s obsession with technology—all the while they use their own electronic devices at bedtime, while eating family meals, and even during a night out at the movies. Still, a few ladies complain about how no one listens to them; however, they don’t consider how often they unapologetically interrupt others. When things like this happen, we might as well smile and say, “Cheese,” because it’s time to turn our “cameras” on selfie mode. We need some serious introspection!

If you were to take a snapshot of your life right now, what area might require improvements? What area is “camera-ready?” How does Matthew 7:3 speak to you personally?