The Sunday Wobble: A Lesson on Detours

Broken ShoeA few Sundays ago, I sat down in my car, cranked it up, and put it into gear. I expected all systems to work. They did. Likewise, when I got to my destination, I expected to get out of my car with just as much ease. Sadly, I didn’t. Exiting my car with 3-inch heels, I expected to sashay across the parking lot into the sanctuary. But, here’s what really happened: I swiveled my leg outside of my cherry red Chrysler 300 only to have my foot wobble as it rested on the ground. I tried to put weight on it, but the shakiness only got worse.

I was curious. My foot was fine. However, my designer shoes were not. (See the picture above.) Surely, I couldn’t sashay anywhere with the heel separating from the rest of my shoe. Still, I briefly considered hobbling across the parking lot. After all, I didn’t want to miss the Sunday service.  But, I didn’t want a broken ankle, either. Eventually, I decided to drive back home and check my closet for another pair of shoes to match my outfit. Thank God I had options!

After resolving my wardrobe malfunction, I realized I would be incredibly late if I tried to return to my church. The entire sermon would be over. What a bummer! The good news: I’d be right on time to worship with my college-age daughter. The church she attended that day had a noonday service. A broken shoe couldn’t steal my joy, shake my patience, or keep me from attending a worship service. It simply led me on a detour to hear a sermon I wouldn’t have otherwise heard—and a good one at that!

Similarly, we all have experienced scenarios that have caught us by surprise, tested us, or racked our nerves. For you, perhaps it was a shocking family announcement. Maybe a doctor gave you an unfavorable report. Perhaps your job interview was followed by yet another rejection letter. Like me, was your mishap a simple wardrobe malfunction? Whatever the circumstance, though, we can trust God. The route He chooses may be different than what we expect. But, be encouraged; His way is best. With that in mind, life’s detours are easier to accept—even when our feet wobble and our plans get changed.

I’m always eager to see how God is going to work everything out … in His timing, according to His perfect plan, and for His glory. Despite what things look like right now, what are you trusting God to do? What Scriptures give you hope in the meantime?