Roadblocks: Getting on the Right Path

Roadblock: Fallen TreeMost days, I go for therapeutic walks; however, Georgia’s “winter” weather introduced challenges to my morning regimen a few weeks ago. In Cobb County where I reside, residents experienced unseasonably high temperatures, rain, a tornado, and then, an extreme drop in temperature the very next day. What a surprise!

The debris I saw during my trek was evidence that strong winds had ripped through the area. But, my morning journey halted as I approached a tree that had toppled over and blocked my path.  It was too large for me to consider moving—that was a task for the county cleanup crew. I didn’t want to go around it because the ditches on both sides of the path were slick with mud. I even considered cutting my walk short and turning back around. Eventually, though, I decided to step through the branches and maneuver my way to the other side. (I’m glad I wore my thick sweat pants that day. Otherwise, I’d have the scrapes on my legs to prove it.)

Our lives can sometimes feel messy like the trail I encountered. Sometimes, it’s a sudden illness that turns our life upside down. At other times, a disagreement with a friend or family member dampens our spirit. Perhaps hierarchical changes, downsizing, or plummeting sales threaten our careers and leave us concerned about the future.

Whether our hindrance is a literal obstacle like the fallen tree I encountered or something intangible, our options are similar. We can wait for someone to resolve our problem (or try to fix it ourselves). We can maneuver around it. Or, we could do an about-face and declare the issue too big to tackle. Like me, though, some of us have navigated through our rough patches and have emerged unscathed.

Still, you may wonder what’s right for your unique situation. For starters, with a thankful heart, you can present your requests to God (Phil. 4:6) and trust Him to reveal your next steps. When He does, will you be willing to follow His lead? Know that if God allows you to encounter a “roadblock,” He can also equip you to come through it—sometimes without the tiniest scratch. So, get your big girl sweat pants on, and be prepared to step confidently wherever the Spirit leads.