An Unfamiliar but Safe Place

safe-spotWe often share our home address with great caution. After all, addresses help us to locate friends, relatives, and enemies. Consequently, this week, I was surprised when nearly 10 pieces of mail from three different locales were mistakenly delivered to my home—all on the same day. Although some of the pieces were junk; others (bank statements, bills, etc.) were part of the mix-up. So, I scribbled a note on the envelopes for the mail carrier and assumed he’d deliver them to the right location.

Like those lost pieces of mail, sometimes we end up in strange spots. Over 20 years ago, while sizing up an unfamiliar place, I hoped my stay would be brief. According to some stereotypes, I didn’t belong there anyway. Many folks wondered why a woman with a good-paying career, security clearance, car, and nice apartment on another side of town would give this residence a second glance.

But, I did. After months of spousal abuse and overstaying my welcome at friends’ homes, I temporarily relocated to my new digs: a domestic violence shelter. I realized it was the safest place for me at that moment. And, much like the contents of a stuffed mailbox, pieces of my life needed sorting; I had to separate the important stuff from the junk.

Ladies, no one aspires to be abandoned, rejected, abused, or neglected. Still, these awful things happen to people—sometimes through no fault of their own. If you live at an address where the real “you” can’t emerge because you’re constantly living in fear or are distressed (physically, emotionally, sexually, etc.), perhaps a relocation is in order. But, planning is key. (See my October 27 post, In a Dark Place, for links and information on safety plans.)

In the meantime, know that God can deliver you and set you in a new location—one that’s safe and where your mind can be quieted long enough to hear His voice. While there, with a grateful heart, pray for direction, heed the Lord’s response, and trust that He has everything under His control. Soon, you’ll realize God’s “delivery” system is better than any postmaster’s.