2017 Writer Development Conference

YOU Writer Conference Promo 2017

Just sharing a conference announcement for all of my Christian writer friends… I first attended the Writer Development Track at the Black Church Leadership and Family Conference in 2014. I’ve been contracted to write for LifeWay’s YOU curriculum several times since then. Folks who are serious about investing in themselves and their writing careers should consider this amazing opportunity.

It’s Available!

YOU curriculum, fall 2016

LifeWay’s YOU curriculum is a quarterly Bible study written for African American, urban, and multicultural Christians. The fall 2016 issue is now available, and guess who one of the contributors is?

I’m always humbled when I’m contracted to write a unit of study. This quarter, my assignment was about building godly relationships (unit 3:  learner/leader/object lessons and commentaries). There, you’ll find answers to the following questions:

  • Why should I invest my time in people in whom I have no interest?
  • How do you correct someone without ruining the relationship?
  • Why should I be loyal?
  • How can relationships thrive in difficult times?

Whew…I think we all could use a few biblical examples and insight on such tough topics. And, the thought-provoking questions I’ve included will help 21st century Christians see the Bible’s relevancy more clearly as we apply the Word of God to our lives.

I hope you’ll pick up a copy and tell me about your study time. Enjoy!

Christian Writers: Apply for LifeWay’s Writer Development Conference

BCLFC YOU Writer Development Conference 2016If you’re a lover of God’s Word and want to know what it takes to write curriculum for LifeWay, check out this opportunity. Back in 2014, I completed the first ever YOU Writer Development Conference. Then, in 2015, I was invited back as a faculty member for the Black Church Leadership and Family Conference (BCLFC). Since then, I’ve been contracted to write three feature articles and four units of Bible study for LifeWay’s YOU curriculum. What a wonderful experience! I absolutely love what I do.

Click here to learn more about the YOU curriculum. Serious inquiries may be directed to the LifeWay contact shown above. Don’t delay; apply now.

A Godsend: Bible Study for Urban and Multicultural Believers

For a small business owner, new contracts are almost always welcome. I’ve been grateful for the ones I’ve received. For me, that means I get to do what I love: storytelling, writing, and telling others about Jesus. I even earn a few bucks in the process! However, my biggest joy is knowing that I’m equipping others with tools for godly living.

In the fourth quarter of 2014, I did some freelance writing for LifeWay’s quarterly Bible study, YOU: Connect, Grow, Serve, Go. While completing the work for this contract, I researched and studied the Bible, experienced aha moments at 2 a.m., and prayed intensely—for myself as I plugged through the writing process and for those who would read the words I’d penned.

Designed for urban and multicultural adults, LifeWay’s YOU Bible study reaches believers in a profound way. Its writers work hard to help 21st century Christians realize the Bible’s relevancy. Preview the video above for additional details. Then, get a free sample lesson and leader guide here. Even better, purchase the current issue (winter 2014/2015) for a nominal price ($3.50). In doing so, you’ll be able to read my article on page 23, “Reaching Alabama’s Black Belt with the Love of Christ.”

To start the next quarter off with LifeWay’s YOU Bible study, purchase the 2015 spring edition. Inside, you’ll find a unit on service; I wrote the learner/leader/object lessons for unit 3. Check them out and let me know how the lessons have encouraged you to examine your service efforts.

This summer, whether we make plans to visit the beach, splash in the pool, or simply cool off with a homemade smoothie, remember to stay connected to a small group (Sunday school) and study God’s word. To help you to do just that, consider pre-ordering the summer edition of LifeWay’s YOU Bible study. I recently finished writing its learner/leader/object lessons and commentaries for unit 1. It focuses on prayer—a staple in the believer’s life.

Whether I write a piece for LifeWay or some other Christian periodical, I consider all of my writing contracts a godsend. Really. God has shown me that He provides and promotes; He even supports my progress. What has He shown you, recently?