Real Love, No Masks

When parents take a mid-day snooze, their kids get involved in all sorts of mischief. My sisters and I sure did. When we were little, we’d section off our dad’s small afro and begin plaiting it while he slept. Of course our work wasn’t done until we put barrettes on each section. Dad would wake up and get quite the surprise. Besides, who needed a Barbie Deluxe Styling Head when Dad’s was available? Plus, his expression afterward was priceless. Too bad there were no camera phones back then to capture it all.

So, yesterday, when my husband (Thabo) agreed to let our youngest daughter and me slather a facial mask on him, we had to capture the moment. Thabo was a good sport and allowed us to publicize his picture. Within minutes our daughter posted an image of the three of us on Snapchat with blue, masked faces. Almost immediately, one of my daughter’s acquaintances replied, “This reminded me that love is real.”

Because three of us Bopapes decided to be vulnerable by showing a less than perfect image of ourselves, someone else was blessed. My heart melted when my daughter told us that the teen who responded had suddenly lost her father about six months ago.

Consider what might happen if you allowed others to see a few of your “ugly” moments along with the good. When our family did, we potentially uplifted a bereaved teenage girl’s spirit. How about you? Are you being transparent when you feel the Spirit leading you to do so? Or, does your Facebook page read like a fairytale? Have you doctored your Instagram photos?  Do your tweets reveal a life of perfection? Remember, Christians aren’t flawless, we’re simply equipped to make victorious comebacks. So, this week, let’s try to drop some of the masks we wear and show others real love that has survived rough patches, illnesses, and hardships because “love never fails” (1 Cor. 13:8, NKJV).

What’s something unique, fun, or heartwarming about the love you and a family member share?

2 thoughts on “Real Love, No Masks

  1. Cherise,

    I really enjoyed reading and listening to this post. You always think of some interesting topics to share with your followers. This one brought back memories from my past. I vividly remember how our family of five would cram into our 1962 Mercury Comet and head out to our favorite Drive-In theater to watch a Kung Fu movie on a Saturday night. We would pack some snacks and sodas and have such a wonderful time. Back then, times were tough and money was scarce , however, our family was together and we loved every minute of it. I wouldn’t trade those moments for anything. Precious memories oh how they linger because “love never fails”.

    • I remember those days at the drive-in theater watching those Kung Fu movies! We did have fun. It really doesn’t take a lot of money for families to enjoy each other. I even had a close friend from high school explain how her and her husband’s best times together were when their finances were low. The good ol’ days show us that simplicity is key. They prove that, indeed, love never fails. Again, thanks for stopping by to read my posts and leaving a comment. You should consider writing a blog yourself. Really! You have some great stories to tell. I think younger folks would enjoy hearing about how things used to be. Families are just too busy today. Whew! Thanks for sharing some pleasant memories. I enjoyed heading down memory lane. 🙂

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