Q & A with Bernadette L. Keitt, Author

Author Bernadette L. KeittToday, I’m interviewing another one of my author friends, Bernadette L. Keitt. We’re both passionate about our families, enjoy being mothers, and realize that a mother’s relationship with Christ is like a supernatural glue that bonds her family throughout all seasons of life. Let’s hear from Bernadette, a woman who has parented her children with no regrets. During her interview, she reveals parenting tips, offers encouragement, and introduces her new book Raising Successful Children.

Q:  Can you tell our readers a little about yourself?

A:   I am a native of Boston, Massachusetts. My husband, Thomas, and I are enjoying our golden years. We have two children. My passion is all things having to do with the building of character and moral fortitude in children.

Q:   What compelled you to write Raising Successful Children? Front Cover, Raising Successful Children by Bernadette L. Keitt

A:   My book was born out of my parenting journey. Friends continually asked what I did to cause my successful outcome. My book is not a collection of ideas or instructions for parents, but a story of what parenting looked like in my life.

Q:  What does successful parenting look like?

A: Knowing proper protocol:  God, family and everything else. The end result will be well-behaved, happy, well-mannered young adults contributing admirably to the world.

Q:   What encouragement could you offer a busy mom with young children?

A:   All relationships have some degree of difficulty (i.e., parenting, marriage, social, and professional). Success is inevitable when you apply the appropriate attention to your particular set of dynamics. Have fun, laugh, and pray often.  God’s got you.

Q:   Do you have a few parenting tips you’d like to share?

A:  Enjoy your children at every turn.  As they mature and begin expressing themselves put on your listening ears. Never say what your child will not do; they will prove you wrong.

Q: What are the advantages of having God-fearing parents?

A: You will manage your home with a firm yet spiritual hand. With God at the center of all you do with and for your children, there will be no failure because God will not fail Himself.

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I hope you’ll consider purchasing a copy of Bernadette’s debut title or booking her to speak at your next women’s event. In the meantime, check out her web site or visit one of her other links below.

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