Finish Well

Finish WellDuring my walk on the Noonday Creek Trail today, a boy about five years old rode his bicycle while his dad jogged alongside him. But, I noticed the duo stopped at the top of a small hill. That’s when the dad began coaching his son; surely he didn’t want the child to crash into the nearby rock pile, bump into the side rail, or collide with oncoming pedestrians.

In passing, I heard fragments of the father’s hilltop lecture. I imagined the entire talk went something like this: “Take it slow, and remember to use your brakes if you need to, Son. If you follow my instructions, you’re going to soar to the end. It may seem scary, but don’t worry. I’ll be right beside you. Just enjoy the ride.” Then, with his father’s gentle nudge, the boy headed downhill. Because he listened and obeyed, the boy not only started well, but he finished well, too.

Like the elementary school boy I encountered on the trail today, maybe you’re sitting “at the top.” Perhaps you just met your weight goal. You may have just paid off a large debt or purchased your dream home. Maybe a relationship took off to an exciting new level or your family has recently been restored. Regardless, life is good. You’re confident and feel unstoppable. You’re eager to find out what’s next.

So, what’s a woman to do? For starters, we certainly can avoid taking matters into your own hands. Running ahead of our heavenly Father’s instruction could be devastating. Listening to and obeying His instruction is crucial if we want to soar to the end with little (or no) detours. Only God knows what’s next. It could be a valley, plateau, a new hill to climb, or even a cliff. Are you ready? When we travel with the Lord, we’re equipped for anything. Even a downhill ride with Him is amazing. Just remember, whatever we encounter in 2017, our ultimate goal is to finish well. Enjoy the ride. Blessings, peace, and prosperity to you this year and beyond.

6 thoughts on “Finish Well

    • Hi Peggie,

      Happy New Year to you! Thanks for checking out my blog and letting me know how much you enjoyed this post. Check back weekly for more inspiration. And, may we both start AND finish 2017 well. 🙂

  1. Cherise,

    Very well written post. You are on a roll so far for 2017. I may find it hard to keep up with you. Just like the little boy who listened and obeyed his dad about riding his bike, we too must follow God’s word. “Blessed are those who hear the word of God and obey it”. Luke 11:28

    • Hello! I’m so glad you stop by every week to check out my latest post and to give me a bit of encouragement. Yep…following God’s Word indeed results in blessings; thanks for sharing the Scripture reference. Whatever God has in store for us in 2017, with His help, His guidance, and our obedience, we can start and finish well. 🙂

  2. I purchased a new bike rack earlier this month. It’s time to dust off the two-wheeler, give it a tune-up, take it for a spin, and enjoy the journey with Jesus in 2017–beautiful landscapes, bumps and all! Have helmet (of salvation)–will travel! Enjoyed your post and will think about when I venture out on my first bike ride of year.

    • Shonya, thanks for checking out my post and leaving a comment. I’m glad to see you’re getting out your bike and making plans to put it to good use in 2017. We used to ride our bikes so much as children. It’s a good source of exercise and a good way to be awed by God’s beautiful creation along the way. Enjoy your rides this year!

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