About Us

Welcome to Bopape Enterprises, Inc.

Who We Are

For too long, women have allowed stressors from their careers to infiltrate their family relationships and vice versa. As a result, mothers, the glue that once held together families, are becoming a much weaker adhesive. However, Bopape Enterprises, Inc. has solutions. The company’s president, Cherise Bopape, advocates training programs on such topics as communication, life balance, parenting, and domestic violence . . . topics she’s grappled with in very personal—and sometimes harrowing—ways.

What We Do

We offer workshops, storytelling, keynote addresses, and books on topics that have touched our executive team members’ lives.  Having experienced the stigma of single motherhood, the bleakness of spousal abuse, and illness from work-life imbalance, our company’s president has ridden the hard road to victory. Now an award-winning speaker and author, she shares from her personal experience and extensive research to equip her clients with the tools to be remarkable.

Corporate clients invite Cherise to empower their employees and to increase their staff’s marketability.  Civic groups and non-profits seek her for motivational purposes and to encourage personal growth of the people they serve.  Either way, Bopape Enterprises, Inc. has programs designed with today’s hard-working women in mind!

Why We Do It

Simply put, our passion drives us. Let our company lead your collegiate group, corporate team, or faith-based organization to success. We honor opportunities to share our strategies.  May our stories inspire you, our research wow you, and our training prepare you to shine.


  • Old Zion Heritage Museum (via Southern Order of Storytellers, Cobb Cluster)
  • Cobb County Public Library (storytelling workshops & performances)
  • Region IV Head Start Association
  • Atlanta Christian Writers Conference (formerly Catch the Wave Writing Conference)
  • The Extension
  • Family Dynamics Foundation, Inc.
  • Atlanta Live (WATC TV-57)
  • This Day with BJ Arnett (WATC TV-57)
  • Club 36 (WBPI TV-49)
  • The Harvest Show
  • The Matter at Hand (WGRC Christian Radio)


  • Lessons From The Littlest: A Devotional for Mothers of Young Children
  • "It's Your Serve: A Bible Study on Service" (spring 2015, LifeWay's YOU curriculum, Unit 3, learner/leader/object lessons)
  • "Conversations with God: A Bible Study on Prayer" (summer 2015, LifeWay's YOU curriculum, Unit 1, learner/leader/object lessons and commentaries)
  • "The Bible Tells Me So: A Bible Study on the Bible" (spring 2016, Lifeway's YOU curriculum, Unit 1, learner/leader/object lessons and commentaries)
  • "Building Godly Relationships: A Bible Study on Relationships" (fall 2016, LifeWay's YOU curriculum, Unit 3, learner/leader/object lessons/commentaries)
  • "Christ’s Peace Will See Us Through: One Intercultural, Blended Family’s Journey" (feature article, LifeWay's YOU curriculum)
  • "Keeping Homeless Families Together With Faith in Action" (feature article, LifeWay's YOU curriculum)
  • "Reaching Alabama's Black Belt with the Love of Christ" (feature article, LifeWay's YOU curriculum)
  • "Give Work A Rest" (The Lookout magazine)
  • "Single Moms' Ministry: What Help Really Looks Like" (The Lookout magazine)
  • "Jump-started with Pansies" (Mustard Seed Ministries online)
  • "Singles Ministry Without Holes" (PRISM magazine)
  • Contributing author and/or compiler for various anthologies